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I’m a freelance mechanical design engineer, STEM content creator, and children’s author-illustrator with a passion for combining technology, art, and storytelling.

I received an MS and a BS from MIT in mechanical engineering, where I focused on product design. Before moving abroad, I worked as a mechanical engineer and visual artist for FIRST—a non-profit that runs robotics competitions for students. I've also worked as a mechatronics engineer at a robotics company and led the mechanical design on a project to integrate a race car helmet with EEG. I love working on early-stage concept design and unique projects that bridge the gap between art and engineering.

As a STEM content creator, I work with clients or independently to design projects, host workshops, create multimedia lesson plans with videos and animations. I'm always excited to collaborate with other people and organizations working in STEM education and outreach. You can learn more about my work here.

My books include Hex Allen and the Clanksmiths (The Innovation Press, 2022), a middle-grade STEM fantasy quest and The Adventures of Maker Girl and Professor Smarts (Candlewick/MIT Kids, 2024), a STEM-themed graphic novel.


When I’m not building robots, drawing cartoons, or championing STEM, I love hiking and rambling at length about my current favorite book, usually at the same time.

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I am represented by Jemiscoe Chambers-Black of Andrea Brown Literary Agency.

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