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A variety of free STEM resources I created in collaboration with various partners and clients.


OKDo Future Engineers Videos

micro:bit do your :bit Challenge

An interactive YouTube series created for OKDo Academy that teaches the steps of the Engineering Design Process. The lessons are applied to the micro:bit Do Your :bit Challenge, but can be used for any design challenge!


Project Trix micro:bit Lessons

micro:bit and Pathfinders Online Institute

A series of free lessons created in collaboration with The micro:bit Educational Foundation for the Infosys Pathfinders Online Institute. The lessons include PDF booklets, animations, and step-by-step coding videos.

P1011063-v3 small.jpg

OKDo Build a Paper Robot Kit

micro:bit-based Intro Robotics Kit

This introductory robotics kit created for OKDo includes everything needed to build and program simple robots using the micro:bit, servos, and paper. The instructions and templates are available online as a free resource for anyone to use.


micro:bit Physical Computing Fundamentals and micro:bit

A series of lessons created in collaboration with The micro:bit Educational Foundation that ties concepts from's CS Fundamentals to physical computing skills with the micro:bit. My primary role on this project was creating animations and design layout.


UCSC Anywear Academy

UC Santa Cruz and The Game Academy

The Anywear Academy is a LARP (live-action roleplaying game) designed to introduce middle school girls to coding and computation.

Written in collaboration with UC Santa Cruz's Social Emotional Technology Lab, the Game Academy, and Aaron Vanek.


Paper Robots

micro:bit Robots & Other DIY Resources

The Paper Robot menagerie has moved to its own page on the website! Click below to access free instructions and templates for a variety of STEM DIY projects.

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