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hex allen and the clanksmiths

By Jasmine Florentine, Illustrated by Ebony Glenn

The Innovation Press, November 29, 2022

STEM meets magic in this new middle grade adventure series from an MIT graduate.

Hex Allen can't do magic - a huge problem when everything from lights to locks is powered by simple spells that everyone can do. After years of feeling useless, Hex seizes the chance to change her future by journeying to the Wishing Wyrm, a legendary dragon that will grant a single wish once a century. Unfortunately, Hex isn't the only one after the wish, and every rival wish hunter has magic on their side. Every rival except the Clanksmiths, Cam and Fuse. Like Hex, they can't do magic, but they've learned to build clank, creations made using the mysterious, forgotten arts of science and engineering.

After a fairy fiasco throws Hex and the Clanksmiths together, they agree to cooperate - for the time being. With the Clanksmiths' know-how and Hex's creativity, they outsmart monsters with everything from LEDs to electromagnets to water balloon launchers. But as they race to the Wishing Wyrm, Hex must decide between her friendship with the Clanksmiths and the wish that would give her a normal, magical life.

Pages from Hex's design notebook provide step-by-step project instructions for aspiring Clanksmiths.

"A beautiful story of discovering science and self." -Kirkus Reviews

Age Range: 8-14

ISBN: 978-1943147779

Read some sample pages here or try your hand at building one of the projects with this free online guide

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By Jasmine Florentine

Candlewick/MIT Kids, Book 1 release Summer 2025

Publishers Weekly Rights Report:
Hilary Van Dusen and Olivia Swomley at Candlewick/MIT Kids have acquired world rights to The Adventures of Maker Girl and Professor Smarts by debut graphic novelist Jasmine Florentine in a two-book deal. Twelve-year-old best friends Yaya and Chuy prove that you don't have to have superpowers to defeat supervillains; all you need is a love for physics and engineering and a knack for trouble. Publication is planned for spring 2024 and spring 2025; Jemiscoe Chambers-Black at Andrea Brown Literary Agency negotiated the deal.

maker girl and professor smarts
(Upcoming graphic novel series)
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