Vivivy refresher

MIT Product Design 2015

Vivify Refresher, developed in a team of eight people, was designed to meet the need of young working adults who were looking for a device to quickly "refresh" and dewrinkle an item of clothing. The final prototype eliminates odors and wrinkles in under five minutes by steaming the garment with a special solution.

Initial Brainstorming

Our team was given the theme of laundry. We started by conducting informal user interviews, and used that as a launching point to brainstorm a number of different concepts.

Sketch Models

We narrowed down the brainstorm to our favorite concepts, and then biult a number rough sketch models (a sample of which are included in the photos below) to test the feasibility of those concepts. Based on the results of the models and the initial user research, we decided to move forward with a steamer concept.

User Testing

Throughout the design process, we made sure we were gathering data from users, via informal interviews, surveys, and using mockups.

"Looks-Like" Model

We created a non-functional prototype to test how the product might look and fit into a user’s home, and used this during user research.

"Works-Like" Model

In addition to a "looks-like" model, we created several iterations of a model focusing only on functionality.

Final Model

The final model was able to de-wrinkle and de-odorize a shirt in under five minutes. Our team was awarded the best prize during the final presentation.

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