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(Doo do doo do!)

This Snowth was created for the Micro:bit Virtual Concert. It uses a PaperMech rack and pinion to move the mouth, and the microphone on the micro:bit to sense the volume of the song so it can sing along.

Step-by-step instructions don't currently exist for this project.


  • micro:bit

  • Micro Servo 

  • Lectrify Bit:Booster

  • Cardboard

  • Paper Mech Rack & Pinion (Laser cut)

  • Cardstock

  • Watercolor Paper

  • Lollipop Stick

  • BBQ Skewer

  • Glue

P6151090 (1).jpg
P6151087 (1).jpg

Singing Mechanism

The singing mechanism is based on the PaperMech rack and pinion. The lower gear is removable and allows for the option of controlling the mechanism by hand (by turning the lollipop stick), or using the servo.


Snowth Body

The body was painted with watercolors and glued to the rack and pinion frame. The mouth is formed by a strip of cardstock glued into an oval. A small piece of a BBQ skewer is attached to the rack as a "pin" that inserts into the mouth to open and close it.

P6151085 (1).jpg
P6151089 (1).jpg

Code & Connections

You can get the Makecode for the micro:bit here:  MahnaMahna

Project Completed on May 22, 2021

Last Updated July 14, 2021

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