Steampunk LAMP

The Steampunk Lamp was an experiment in using household materials like cardboard, rubber bands, and BBQ skewers to build mechanisms — in this case, a simple belt drive system. 


Step-by-step instructions don't currently exist for this project.


  • micro:bit

  • Neopixel Strip

  • Micro Servo (continuous)

  • Battery pack

  • Cardboard

  • BBQ Skewers

  • Rubber Bands

  • Printer Paper

  • Glue

  • Electrical Tape


The inside mechanism uses a belt drive to turn all three gears from on micro servo.

Code & Connections

You can get the Makecode for the micro:bit here:  Night Light

Project Completed on Feb. 16, 2021

Last Updated March 1, 2021

© 2021 by Jasmine Florentine

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